Forum Conversions


  • Conversion for board with less than 1,000 posts: $10
  • Conversion for board with less than 5,000 posts: $20
  • Conversion for board with more than 5,000-10,000 posts: $35
  • Conversion for board with more than 10,000 posts: Open a sales ticket.


Due to the nature of a conversion, we can not offer a refund once we have provided a download of the data file.
You will be given a link to the data file and instructions on what to do with it.


  • A new install of IPB version 1.3.x. The converted data may not work in older or newer versions of Invision Power Board.
  • If there is any data in the new board, it may be lost during the import. Your IPB must be a fresh install.
  • You must being running the MySQL version of IPB (MySQL is the standard version).
  • WARNING: InvisionFree and IPB do not have the exact same features. You may lose some features that are only available with InvisionFree.
  • Take a look at an example of the instructions you will be provided to be sure you are capable of performing the import of the converted data.

What does NOT get converted?

  • Attachments may not be converted.
  • You must move uploaded files to your new board.
  • Preferences are different between IPB and InvisionFree. You will have to select your settings again.

All purchases are subject to the Terms of Sale.